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We want you to understand how foods work with your body. Feeding your body at the cellular level with proper nutrition is the most important aspect of the challenge. It is also the most difficult aspect. You’ll notice when you receive your plan that we cut out dairy and almost eliminate sugar completely with the exception of some fruits. Say goodbye to simple sugars, dairy products and any meals served through a window! We provide the grocery list of foods that help clean up your digestive tract, deliver the most nutrients to your body within your caloric range, and harness the power of protein. We also teach you how supplementation can help fill in those missing gaps in you nutrition and your routine to help along the way.

Each customized plan will put you in the proper caloric range based on your physical stats and starting measurements. It is developed to make sure you reach your goal in a safe, effective manner while providing your body everything it needs to support the extra demands you will be placing upon yourself. The plan gives you a breakdown of the 3 macro nutrients: fats, carbs, proteins.

Lean Protein
Healthy Fats

The main focus is on high quality sources of protein with every meal and snack. This keeps you satiated and promotes that lean muscle tissue growth. The complex carbs and healthy fats give you the energy you need to power through your day and your workouts. These carb sources give you sustained energy and help regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

During the plan you will eat 6 meals a day to ensure you never go longer than 2-3 hours without having your power packed meal or snack. When you consistently provide your body with the right nutrition throughout the day, your body is triggered to keep burning fat since it is always being fueled. When you starve yourself or go long time periods without eating, your metabolism slows and your body stores more fat. Our goal is to make sure that never happens during the challenge!