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The Program

Why It Works

We bring to you the Fat Shred Challenge not just on proven science, but more so proven results. We want to highlight that this is a fat shred and not a weight shred. No matter what your fitness or health goal may be we want to help you create the best version of yourself. The goal should always be to change your body composition. This means that our primary focus is to help you lose body fat while maintaining and building lean muscle. A scale won’t show you those changes, but our Fat Shred Challenge sure will.

A combined 20 years in the fitness industry with hundreds and hundreds of transformations have allowed us to develop the most effective program based on real life experience. We have tested this challenge with people all over the world, from all different walks of life. We have found what works and what doesn’t work not only with our clients but with ourselves. We practice what we preach every day and have put everything to the test over the years. We want our program to challenge you, but also teach you the basic fundamentals of healthy living.

We care about you and your goals and we want to make sure we provide you all the tools necessary to reach them. Although the challenge is somewhat strict for 28 days, our hope is that you will feel amazing and have a better understanding of how to implement these principles far beyond the 28 days. Our care and the support is unmatched and your goals become our goals. We have combined the very best in fitness and strength training, nutrition and counseling, motivation and accountability with your two favorite trainers guiding you every step of the way. Commit to us and our plan for 28 days and become our next success story.

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Fat Shred Challenge

Fitness Plan

Our primary focus is on total body strength training. We understand life can be hectic and finding the time to workout can be tough. In order to maximize your time and results, we have found that high intensity circuit training is the best bang for your buck when it comes to exercise. Through our years of training clients this has always provided the best results in the shortest time. We combine strength training in a circuit fashion which gives you the cardiovascular benefit as well. Looking to maximize your results and get the most out of the challenge? Join us at Versatile Fitness or utilize our suggested high-intensity circuit training program for the best outcome whether you are in the gym, at home, or traveling.

Nutrition Plan

We want you to understand how foods work with your body. Feeding your body at the cellular level with proper nutrition is the most important aspect of the challenge. It is also the most difficult aspect. You’ll notice when you receive your plan that we cut out dairy and almost eliminate sugar completely with the exception of some fruits. Say goodbye to simple sugars, dairy products, and any meals served through a window! We provide the grocery list of foods that help clean up your digestive tract, deliver the most nutrients to your body within your caloric range, and harness the power of protein. We also teach you how supplementation can help fill in those missing gaps in your nutrition and your routine to help along the way.

Proven Results

We have worked alongside, coached and trained thousands of people all over the world. We’ve had clients of all different shapes, sizes, ages, fitness levels and more do our challenge. The one common denominator has been, those that followed the plan 70% or better have achieved incredible results. Our goal is to challenge you and keep you accountable for 28 days. After a strict 28 days, you will be able to take the principles learned and the developed habits with you to guide your future self. On average we see 8-10 lbs of body-fat lost with those that complete the challenge. From then on we hope that you take what you learned and continue to implement the challenge guidelines into your lifestyle.